Calendar Management:

Managing complex calendars and scheduling requests. Full access and accountability for every detail in your schedule.

Email Management:

Managing and maintaining your email correspondence, including answering emails on your behalf,  prioritizing emails, filing emails and scheduling time for you to respond to emails.


Dealing with all incoming and outcoming mail, including processing telephone calls and request.

Creating and Maintaining Databases:

Creating and maintaining all databases for you including CRM systems.

Travel Arrangements:

Arranging every aspect of complicated global travel plans including managing visas, flights, hotels, dining and local ground transport.


Conducting research so that you are fully prepared for meetings, reading reports and complex documents, briefing stakeholders and liaising with clients.

Social Media Management:

Managing and maintaining your social media presence, adding posts and updating social media profiles.

Maintaining Filing Systems / Recordkeeping:

Maintaining all digital filing systems. The first point of contact for filing queries within your office.

Website Design and Management:

Creating your website using your preference of a responsive or adaptive web design, making it user-friendly with key components that give it personality. Managing by adding and updating as needed.

Graphic Design:

Creating visual concepts,  using computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers for advertisements, brochures, magazines, documents and more. 

Administrative Support:

Serving as a trusted partner providing support on administrative and business management matters/activities.

Coordinating Video and Audio Conference Calls:

Ensuring all video and conference calls work smoothly. Also update to date on all the latest technology for video conferencing including Zoom, Google Hangouts, Google Jamboard, Microsoft Teams and Samsung Flip.

Presentation Preparation:

Preparing slide decks and presentation materials for your speeches and public-speaking.


Podcast Production:

Overseeing the entire process from start to finish for your podcasts, ensuring that all the elements come together in a smooth, cohesive way


​Purchasing, Sourcing and Working with Suppliers:

Making decisions on which suppliers to work with, approving spending and managing relationships with third-party suppliers.

Event Planning:

Planning every aspect of the event including budgets, objectives, themes, seating and working with event suppliers.

Managing Relationships with Clients:

First point of contact for all clients and representing you in all aspects of client relations. Arranging activities for overseas clients and their partners.


Proofreading all documents that are sent out by you and your department, ensuring the grammar and spelling is correct along with the tone and the message.

Organizing Meetings:

Organizing every aspect of team meetings, board meetings, stakeholder and client meetings and committees including agendas, actions, minutes, board papers and confidential materials. Arranging complex meetings with multiple time zones and high-level participants.

Preparing Reports:

Preparing reports, reading and disseminating the information into a bite-size report. Formatting and preparing reports.

Processing Expense Reports:

Processing all expenses, approving expenses for your team and direct reports. Maintaining expense reports and liaising with the finance team.

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